Château Kaniaris

A Viticultural Manor
At the countryside of Megara, in the area of Peykeneas and right where the vine verdant valley starts climbing on the northern slopes of Mount Geraneia, lies a “manor” dedicated exclusively to wine; the Viticultural Manor of Chateau Kaniaris.
The Vineyard

An integrated, self contained privately owned vineyard of 35 hectares, which invites everyone to a journey in nature that will awaken all the senses. Follow secret paths and wonder around in remote valleys, rest at forest clearings and old wine presses, experience serenity of the small shelters; indulge into the estate’s wines while gazing at the horizon lying vast before you, feel the seabreeze of the Saronic and Corinthian Gulfs embracing one of the most historic vineyards in Greece. As part of the famous Attica vineyard, the Megara vineyard is intertwined with the history of wine. According to myths, the cultivation of vine started here before spreading throughout Ancient Greece. This is the precious heritage that Vasilis Kaniaris decided to bring into lifeagain by creating a Viticultural Manor ready to take you to the enchanting world of wine.


The wine produced at the Viticultural Manor is born from vines which grow perched on the northern slopes of Mount Geraneia and breathe in the breeze of the Saronic and Corinthian Gulfs. The two seas surrounding the vineyard create an incomparable Mediterranean microclimate at 330 meters, ideal for local varieties such as Assyrtiko and Roditis, as well as international varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Merlot.

The area’s soils – calcareous, with sandy clay composition, volcanic residue and fine structure – are mostly sloping and with good drainage, thus forming the building block for a valley of NW to SE direction seamlessly connecting the two seas. This orientation and terrain ensure the continuous flow of winds and the natural airing of the vine, protecting it from humidity and diseases.

The protection of vines from natural enemies and diseases is monitored according to the latest scientific methods. The same protocol applies to fertilization: depending on the needs, conditions and year. Moreover in parts where the ground is rather shallow, full support is provided by an extensive irrigation system.

The integrated cultivation management system applied guarantees the production of wines with exceptional taste characteristics. Each tenth of every hectare delivers about 700 kilos, much lower than the 1,200 kilos determined by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for Geraneia, which sets the limit for the vineyard’s production. Harvesting usually begins early August with the Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varieties to be followed by the Merlot, Syrah, Assyrtiko and Roditis varieties.


The cellar is equipped with a temperature and humidity monitoring mechanism to allow wine to age slowly and steadily in oak barrels, become smooth and acquire a velvety texture. Following the stabilization and clarification of wine, bottling takes place in lack of oxygen to prevent oxidation. Eventually, the bottled wines are stored under ideal temperature conditions until their consumption.

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