Nikolou Winery

Nikolou Winery has a long history. In 1875 Vasilis Nikolou with a concession of the Greek State and signed by Charilaos Trikoupis for a fee, acquires a vineyard in Koropi and builds a home-winery in the city center.

The next generations are continuing to cultivate vineyards and produce wine as the main occupation while preserving the traditional character of the Winery. Nowadays, a modern Winery operates, offering a customary as well as innovative experience to visitors.

The historical Savvatiano variety of the region, for the first time, is “expressed” through a unique way of producing Retsina sparkling and natural, sulfite-free wines.

In 2018 Nikolou winery is awarded by CEUCO as the Best European Winery 2018 due to the production of the first sparkling Retsina from Savatiano (Methode Traditionnelle).

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Nikolaou Ntouni 8
Koropi of Attiki
P.O. 19441


+30 2106020775