Pyrgos Vasilissis

The Queen’s Tower Estate was born out of Queen Amalia’s vision of the establishment of a model agricultural facility, where innovative production methods were to be applied aiming to the modernization of the Greek agronomy.

A vineyard was one the first plantations of the estate. Concerning the formation of 18 hectares of the initial vineyard, experienced viticulturists coming from Megara, were hired. The personality of this model farm embed by its visionary, has been present to date.The cultivation of 4 hectares, the area that the vineyard covers today, is organic, as well as the one of the rest of the plantations existing inside the property (pistachio trees, olive trees). The vineyard is located in the same place where the original vineyard was (during the Queen’s era) and there has been an effort for applying an organized product and waste management (composting of waste, use of horse waste etc.). The varieties that are planted are wine grape varieties, Greek and others originated from Europe, white and red.

For the newly planted grapevines, only Greek varieties are used, favoring more exploration of the capacity of the Greek vineyard on the whole. The goal is to produce grapefruit of the best quality, from which we can have the finest wines, aromatic and nervous, ideal for drinking them in short time, and others that are bolder, with complexity and force, with an aging potential suitable for the better expression of its character.Besides the plantations, Queen Amalia had also created a husbandry model in her property including many domestic and farm animals. There are sources indicating that there were cows, chickens, beehives and sheep of the “MERINO” race, as well as a pair of giraffes. Old horses of the royal family were used for the tillage and for other agrarian work so that those animals could serve much longer to the farm, as Amalia mentions in one of her letters to her father. Nowadays, inside the property we are able to encounter horses, chickens and beehives. The rental of the stables offers the opportunity to the horses to be accommodated and get proper physical exercise in an ideal habitat.

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