Wine tasting at Strofilia Winery: Greek Varieties

Anavissos, Attiki

Wine tasting at Strofilia Winery: Greek Varieties

€15 per person

Our introduction to the Greek wine culture starts with a tour to our vineyards around the winery of Strofilia. Visitors can afterwards taste our wines in a special wine tasting room while our oenologists introduce them to the art of wine making and initiate them into the secrets and aromas of wine-tasting.

Greek Varieties 

  • STROFILIA, Malagouzia, white
  • STROFILIA, Savvatiano, white
  • MOUNTAIN FISH, Agiorgitiko, red
  • STROFILIA NEMEA, Agiorgitiko, red

Price 15 euro/person

– The wine tasting includes a 50ml glass per person per each wine.
– Your choice accompanied by plate with bread sticks and cheese.

General Information:

  • VAT 24% not included.
  • Minimum participation of 10 persons is required. Maximum 30 persons/tour.
  • The wine tasting lasts about 90’.
  • Open hours: Monday to Friday 10:00am – 15:00 (last visit).
  • Visitors can buy wine at special prices


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